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Selling a Practice

Arizona Medical Practice Brokers specializes in medical practice sales, dental practice sales, financing, and practice appraisal. Our team of experienced practice brokers will provide expert counsel during the selling process. We are the correct choice for your successful practice transition.

Pre-transaction planning

Our pre-transaction services provide a comprehensive financial plan and a projected road map to transition, acquisition, expansion and/or retirement. Are you ready to slow down or retire? Are you ready to transition to a sale in the next two to five years? Our pre- and post transaction consulting practices highlight specific strategies to help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently. No more need for guessing..

Practice Financing

Arizona Medical Practice Brokers has assembled the nation’s top-level SBA professionals and lending sources throughout the country to deliver competitive, honest, and ethical results for our clients. Our financing partners are the leading source for larger business acquisition loans from $400,000 to $5,000,000.

Why Choose Our Firm

Working with Arizona Medical Practice Brokers gives you access to a network of highly qualified and motivated business buyers located throughout the United States. We strive to find buyers who will take good care of your managers and employees and who will respect the business that you have built.

Multiple Opportunities

Business owners who represent themselves typically negotiate with only one or two parties. Arizona Medical Practice Brokers strives to obtain the best available options for the business owner by utilizing proven methods developed to sort through a large targeted audience.


We take great pride in protecting your privacy and reputation. Arizona Medical Practice Brokers handles all the screening and qualifying; doing it on your own can often be disruptive to your business.


Business negotiations often involve conflicting interpretations of value and opposing views. Arizona Medical Practice Brokers can help resolve these conflicts between the parties (especially important if you would like to continue to work with the business after the sale).

Transaction Momentum

Arizona Medical Practice Brokers will sustain the momentum of the transaction and ensure that all parties remain focused on a positive conclusion.

Who Uses Arizona Medical Practice Brokers?

We serve a variety of clients, but primarily focus our services on the sell-side clients including:

  • Business owners approaching retirement

  • Owners requiring liquity or to buyout non-active owners

  • Owners who need additional capital and acquisition advisory expertise

  • Owners dealing with an unsolicited offer to purchase

  • Owners faced with an unexpected personal event such as illness, divorce or death in the family

  • Corporate and private investors looking to acquire a business and selected assets