Consulting Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

Whether you are a physician or investor our consulting solutions are designed to help you achieve your business objectives.  We are committed to positive results through strategic thinking and efficient delivery of our consulting services.  

Pre-Transaction Planning

Arizona Medical Practice Brokers pre-transaction services provide a comprehensive financial plan and a projected road map to transition, acquisition, expansion and/or retirement. Are you ready to slow down or retire? Are you ready to transition to a sale in the next two to five years? Our pre-transaction consulting practices highlight specific strategies to help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently. No more need for guessing.

Post-Transaction Planning

What sets Arizona Medical Brokers apart is our extensive pre- and post-transaction services. Not only are we a medical practice brokerage firm, we also assist with post-transaction planning including revenue building strategies.  These key revenue enhancements can build your newly acquired practice(s) post transaction into a revenue-generating investment far and above your initial investment or expectations. Would you like to turn your $800k net profit practice into a $1.6M profit practice? We can help.

Medical Practice Performance Consulting

Arizona Medical Practice Brokers provides medical practice performance consulting services for all sizes of medical practices. Medical practice performance management consulting includes targeted on-going steps toward achieving excellence in practice performance. From sole practitioner to multi-office specialty groups, we find there are multiple opportunities in all practices for streamlining practice improvement and enhancing revenue streams and return on investment.  Your consulting investment will quickly pay for itself.

Preliminary assessments are performed for both startups and established practices. These are followed up with Results and Recommendations.

Areas of assessment include:

Medical Practice Performance Management:

  • Strategies for sole physician practitioners
  • Strategies for group medical practices
  • Understanding where your practice fits within regional and national benchmarks

Reviews of key performance indicators including:  

Overhead, operating costs, staffing ratios, revenue streams, revenue loss, coding structure

Preliminary assessments

Results and Recommendations

Quarterly or bi-annual reassessment and course corrections

Operations and Administrative Improvement Practices:

  • Collections, billing and accounts receivable
  • Practice financial flow
  • Profitability and growth trajectory
  • Financial regulatory compliance Strategic financial planning
  • Risk management

Strategic Medical Practice Planning:

  • Optimizing payer strategies to improve cash flow
  • Strategic medical practice transition planning

Contact us to explore multiple options available to improve your medical practice.